June 9, 2010

FHS requests PRP not to support Renuka Choudhury if congress field her for Rajya Sabha

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FHS requests PRP not to support Renuka Choudhury if congress field her for Rajya Sabha

Sunday, 30 May, 2010 8:52 PM


“suresh p” <p_suresh_bangalore@yahoo.co.in>





Dear Sir/Madam,

On behalf of Family Harmony Society (Regd.) (FHS), I request you to NOT to support the Congress Party if they field Smt. Renuka Chaudhary for the Rajya Sabha.

Smt. Renuka Chaudhary is not a worthy candidate to represent the citizens of India. Many NGOs and a large section of society are opposed to her due to her family breaking attitude. No wonder she lost Lok Sabha election. It is not at all fair and ethical for PRP to push candidates to the parliament through the back door who are not capable to win elections from the front door.

We consider Smt. Renuka Chaudhary a family-breaker.

Smt. Renuka Chaudhary’s term as Minister of Women and Child Development witnessed the arrest and ruthless incarceration of thousands of innocent men, along with women, senior citizens and children. In the last four years alone, 1,23,439 women have been unfairly arrested under IPC section 498A, without evidence or investigation. Smt. Renuka Chaudhary blatantly denied misuse of IPC
Section 498A and turned down all requests, recommendations and demands from various quarters to review the law. It was not until the Minister for Human Resources Development, Arjun Singh, was accused of dowry harassment that Smt. Renuka Chaudhary finally acknowledged the misuse of anti-dowry laws in public. Nevertheless, law-abiding citizens continue to be summarily arrested on false charges of dowry harassment every day.

It is not only Andhra Pradesh but large sections of people across India are opposed to her. Her defeat in the Lok Sabha elections was celebrated across India. That itself shows the anger of the citizens of this country against her.

We request PRP to support anyone but not Smt. Renuka Chaudhary

Best Regards

Suresh P, President,

Family Harmony Society (Regd)




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