November 5, 2009

Media campaign…

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I think a great amount of media awareness is create by http://saveindianfamily.org/ and www.498a.org. The two leading organizations, fighting for the misuse of 498a and domestic violence act. While even a small issue concerning the women is projected in a big way by the media (without verifying the true facts) the actual sufferings of the husbands are not given proper coverage. Even whatever coverage the media gives to the husbands are more in the form of amusements. The problem is unless one goes through the sufferings and harassment they will not be able to see the actual pain. We at www.family-harmony.org are doing a lot of RTI campaign to the various government officials, government, ministers, Judges etc so that they are able to see that the issue of “Domestic violence to the husbands” has become of very big proportion and the time has come that the “women centric/biased laws” need to be changed. In the recent past due to the relentless campaign of http://saveindianfamily.org/ and www.498a.org, the issue of “Domestic violence to the husbands” has started getting good media coverage. This is laudable but at the same time we need to see that the momentum achieved does not fads away. It is the duty and responsibility of each victim that they contribute to the moment in some form so that eventually the future generations should not suffer. Eventually we should be able to build a society which is free of bias based on gender. The laws should not be made for one gender or the other. It should be same for men and women. It is really a pity that in the 21st century India has made laws such as “Domestic violence Act” which are made only for women. It clearly shows that the lawmakers of this country are outdated and are behind the time by 30-40 years. It is also due to the fact that the lawmakers of our country tend to make laws by keeping in mind the votebank. Our victim brothers have been able to unearth by the RTI’s that no real study was done nor any useful data crunching was done by the lawmakers while passing the “Domestic violence act”. While there are already strong voices emerging from the society regarding the blatant misuse of 498a by wives still the lawmakers ignored them and went on to pass “Domestic violence act” which has given another legal tool in the hands of wives to harass the husbands and her in-laws. While the judiciary has time and again voiced its displeasure at the growing trend of the misuse of 498a and cautioned the lawmakers but all such voices has been put down by the government. The time has come wherein the victims have to “wake up” and start contributing for the moment. It need not be in the form of money or donations. It has to be in the form of your voice reaching out to the lawmaker. You can file RTI to the government regarding the misuse (You can chose from the templates available at http://498amisuse.wordpress.com/category/rti/). You can help us (www.family-harmony.org) for the PIL which we are filing in the HC, Karnataka. You can write relentlessly to media. You can start airing your views on the news articles appearing in the media in the related matters. You can counsel and advice the new victims if you have gained enough knowledge. You can do many more things. You can contact us www.family-harmony.org or any of our partner organizations http://www.family-harmony.org/au_Ptnrs.html and start contributing.


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