June 21, 2010

Hey dad, I’ve got your back

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Express News Service
First Published : 19 Jun 2010 01:59:41 AM IST
Last Updated : 19 Jun 2010 09:46:52 AM IST


Parthipan and Keerthana

With a firm resolve and a chirpy personality Keerthana leads the pack with her skill and sensitivity. And single dad Parthipan is only too happy

Keerthana is very special to me and is truly a gift of God. When she was born, I never fathomed that she would be a girl child, who would be named Keerthana and who would act in a film called Kannathil Mutthamittaal and bring name and fame to me.

I was overjoyed to be the proud father handing over the award to her. Nandita Das was also present.

I was speechless. Normally, when it comes to giving a speech, I prepare really well and am very confident on stage. But Keerthana left me speechless and spellbound on that stage. When she decided to stay with me when my marriage broke, she displayed maturity beyond her years and that meant a lot to me. She had the option to either stay with her mom or her dad, and she chose me. And I was thinking that if not my daughters, I would definitely have my son by my side. She is like my mother. If you think she addresses me formally as dad, or appa, then I must say that much to everyone’s surprise, she addresses me as “idiot” (Laughs).

And I address them with “ponga vanga”. She manages my wardrobe and my accounts. In fact, our family auditor was all praise for her auditing. I am a very dependant person by nature and I have been very close to my mother, wife (Seetha) and daughters Abhinaya aka Abhi (19) and Keerthana (18), and even my son Radhakrishnan aka Rakki (16). Abhinaya is an embodiment of love I would say.

The way she handles crisis is something I am amazed at every time. Keerthana has always been a mature yet merry child. Her decision to act at the age of nine was purely her own. She calls the shots on what works for her.

She is firm about her decisions and faces the consequences. I am an incredibly proud d a d .

May 5 happens to be our 3-year-old pet pug, Vodka’s birthday. And this birthday was spent in a very special way at a restaurant with cakes. It was a lot of fun, and she tells me, that the ‘human age’ of her pet is 21 years based on some calculation (Laughs).

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