June 20, 2010

NFHS submits memorandum to Dinakaran

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Bangalore, June 18 (PTI) In view of upcoming Father’s Day, the National Family Harmony Society, a city-based NGO, promoting family harmony, has submitted a memorandum to Chief Justice of Karnataka P D Dinakaran seeking justice for fathers and children separated due to marital discords.

The memorandum demanded reforms in mediation counselling and pleadings.

The NHFS demanded the presence of and pleadings by advocates in the family Court and mediation process be eliminated as mandated by the Family Courts Act.

Persons who are professionally qualified and have a balanced perspective on family and society should be appointed as counsellors and mediators.

No in-camera and chamber proceedings should be held unless absolutely necessary and the purpose duly recorded in the Court register.

Courts should order perjury and contempt proceedings in case of exaggerated statements and false allegations or affidavits related to employment, earnings, cruelty etc. When such allegations are proved to be false, the memorandum said.

Spouses making false allegations should be punished under the appropriate sections of the Indian Penal Code.

In child custody matters, family Courts should ensure that both parents are given equal custody of children irrespective of the accusations of either party (such as a mother being adulterous or a father being a drunkard).

It also suggested steps to be immediately taken by Family Courts across the country to uphold the rights of fathers and ensure the welfare of children, including setting up of special fast-track courts to deal with custody issues.


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