June 19, 2010

Oh my sleeping child…

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Oh my sleeping child…
Tomorrow is Father’s Day. Spare a thought for those dads who have no access to their kids and are hoping for a miracle this Sunday
Hemanth Kashyap
Posted On Saturday, June 19, 2010 at 08:01:40 AM
It’s time to wish daddy dearest. But what about those unfortunate fathers who have no access to their kids? A small meeting with their little ones is the best gift they can hope for this Sunday.
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“It’s one year since I last saw my daughter. Only I know the pain I am experiencing. I just hope I can meet my daughter this Sunday. I couldn’t ask for a better gift on Father’s Day”, says Madhusudan Rao, a techie.

Rao says, “My wife delivered a girl child after eight long years. However, due to some misunderstanding, my wife deserted me. On June 16, 2009, she left me taking my beloved Brahmani with her. It is a year now and I am dying to meet my daughter. Though I have made repeated requests, my wife refuses to grant me access to my daughter. I weep for her everyday. As the matter is in court, I will wait for the verdict.”

Shiva Kumar Challa, a project manager, says, it’s been ages since he last saw his 11-year old son Rahul. “Though the court has permitted me to meet him on Sundays, my wife and her family members do not allow me to meet him. “I miss my son day in and day out. He loves me a lot and when he does meet me on an occasional Sunday, we play cricket and he calls me ‘nana’,” said Shiva Kumar. He is now hoping to meet his son this Sunday.

Ashwin Sunder (31), a techie, is looking forward to Father’s day as he can spend sometime with his four-year old daughter Ananya. “I am separated from my wife. Although I have the court’s permission to meet my Ananya once in 15 days, Sandhya does not allow me to meet her. My daughter is just four years old and if I don’t meet her at least once in a while, she will forget me. I am happy that my daughter will be meeting me this Sunday though. I will be taking her out for some shopping and also to Mc Donald’s as she loves the place,” said Ashwin.

Kumar V Jahagirdar, president, Children’s Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP), an NGO, said, he is  organising a national father’s day rally on June 19 with the aim of uniting fathers and their ‘lost’ kids.

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