June 16, 2010

AIMWA petition in English

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I, the undersigned, hereby register my vehement protest against the separation of biological fathers from their children, and the concomitant violation of Human Rights perpetrated by the Family Court system against fathers and children.

I, hereby, support the Nationwide Boycott of Family Courts on 18 June 2010, and state that I will settle for nothing less than free and fair access to my child, and an equal opportunity to build a meaningful relationship with him/her.

I, hereby, take a vow not to pay maintenance and child support unless the following demands are met.

  • Special fast-track courts should be set up at the earliest to deal with custody issues.
  • Exclusive, fully functioning Divisional Bench should be set up in all High Courts and Supreme Court to hear appeals in matters of child custody.
  • When a person or couple approaches court for divorce, counseling of the parents by professional counselors should be given first priority.
  • Except in extreme cases of violence or unhealthy behavior by either partner, children should be given equal and meaningful access to both parents and grandparents on both sides.
  • Both parents should be given financial responsibility of the child proportionate to their earnings and not based on demands made by either partner.
  • If a partner prevents a child from having equal and meaningful contact with the other partner, they should be counseled first to understand the importance of equal parenting and the best interest of a child.
  • If either partner repeatedly disobeys orders of equal access and meaningful contact with children, then the children should be placed in the full custody of the partner who will allow equal access to the other parent.



All Undersigned


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