June 10, 2010

Governments hollow talks of “Women Empowerment”

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Posted On: 09-Jun-2010 03:54:43 By: P Suresh

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Recently we all have been hearing loud noises from Government about the above mentioned subject with a flurry of activities in the name of “Women Empowerment”. We at NFHS wish to bring to the attention of all the stake holders of this nation that the kind of policies which Government is following in the name of “Women Empowerment” will eventually lead to breaking of age old tested concept of “Family” in India. It will generate more and more “Single Mothers” and “Fatherless Children”.

“Women Empowerment” cannot happen by ignoring the welfare and curtailing the rights of men. It cannot happen by creating more and more “Gender Biased” laws and by reserving 50% seats for women in Parliament and else.

Does Government want an “Empowered Women” who is divorced, separated and litigated by her husband?

If we look at the recent trend then the policies of the Government is creating more and more “Empowered Women” who are educated, earning well, Working in MNCs but in litigation with her husband’s. This situation is created because the lawmakers have been playing “Vote Bank politics” from ages which have done no good for the country and society. From decades politicians of this country have played “Vote Bank politics”. Every political party has tried to divide this nation by playing the dirty “Vote Bank politics” in the name of Religion, Dalits, and Caste etc. Now when all these things have saturated they are playing the dirty politics of “Empowered Women” which is doing more harm to Women than good.

In the name of protecting Women, Government has created more and more Gender biased laws such as IPC 498A, Domestic violence Act, CrPC 125, Hindu Marriage Act etc which are more misused than used. Even the Supreme Court has in 2009 acknowledged that Hindu Marriage Act is breaking more families than uniting. As per NCRB data, in 2008, 37369 females were arrested under IPC 498A. It means every 14.07 minutes one innocent female is getting arrested in IPC 498A. So it is clear that even the “Gender biased” laws which were created by the Government are only doing more harm to Women.

This unfortunate situation is because the Lawmakers of this country have not understood the meaning of “Women Empowerment” and “Women”. Women do not mean only a “young married lady”. Most women related laws of this country are made only for “young married lady” and the Mothers and sisters of Husbands have been completely forgotten. While “young married lady” can file a complaint to the Magistrate under the “Domestic violence Act” the Mothers and Sisters of the Husband cannot file a similar complaint. Lawmakers need to understand that laws need to be “gender neutral” and not “gender biased”. And the lawmakers also need to understand that “Women Empowerment” will lead to breaking of families if the rights and welfare of Men are ignored.


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