June 2, 2010

No women judge in Supreme Court: President of India!!!

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No women judge in Supreme Court: President of India!!!

Recently there were news reports that the Honorable President of India has made some file noting where she desired to have a women president as a judge in the Supreme Court. So in this regard my questions are “Are the top posts like Supreme Court judges have to be decided based on gender”? This is a wrong precedent. Whereas it is most welcome if a woman with competent skills, required qualifications and criteria can be appointed a judge of the Supreme Court but just for the sake of a women judge is it correct to push a woman to the top most post. And the same is true for the man. The Supreme Court is the top most court in the country. It is the hope of a 1 billion people of India. What I mean to say is this talk of persons pushed through out of way based on caste, religion or gender must be stopped.

Recently some press person asked Rahul Gandhi, “having come a long way after Independence how much more time will it take for India to have its first Muslim prime minister” and Rahul Gandhi gave a very fitting reply that “It is not about what religion or community you come from, it is what you bring to the table, what capability you have. Today, Manmohan Singh is not the Prime Minister of India because he is a Sikh. He is the Prime Minister because he is the most capable person to do the job.
And let me tell you something that even when you do have a Muslim prime minister, he will be a prime minister because he is the most capable person,”
39-year-old Gandhi said.
He told a questioner, “You need to step up and the number of leaders coming out of your community needs to go up. You got today a Sikh prime minister that nobody would have ever imagined in a country of over a billion people that we would have a Sikh prime minister. Sikhs are a very small percentage of this country”
That is a fitting reply to an unnecessary and unwanted question.

India should make efforts to move towards gender neutral society instead of gender discrimination. Instead of an irrelevant file noting that “Why there is no women judge in the supreme court” it would have been nice if the honorable President had asked important questions like. “What is being done to reduce the number of cases in judiciary?” “What is being done for judicial accountability?” “What is being done for judicial reforms?” “What is being done to reduce the years of a litigant?”  These are important questions which needs immediate attention and considerations of Government. Rather they are still dancing around women vs man!!!


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