January 6, 2010

How to finish legal terror

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How to finish legal terror

Dear victim Brothers,

I keep getting calls from various victims from various parts of the world from victims of the gender biased laws. These cases will be in different stages. Some of them will be in the pre 498a stage, some will be in the post 498a stage, some will have just 498a, some will have just divorce case, some will have multiple cases, some will be into this issue only from few days, some from many months and some will be in this issue from many years….. But the questions will be common.

The questions will be like…

I am being tortured by my wife…

Shall I go for divorce I already have 125…Can she put DV also.




And And And !!! There will also be questions like.. I have applied for divorce under mutual consent…What precaution I should take next time before marriage!!

There are thousands and thousands of victims but very few commandos. No one has the time to think why they are facing the problem? How this issue can be finished? How can I contribute to finish this problem? Has anyone thought on this? There are very few fighters. The guys who are fighting for such issues neither get support nor help from fellow victims.

Now let us come to the core issue. How to solve these problems of gender biased laws, arrest in 498a, humiliation, money, running to lawyers, police, courts etc…..

It is very simple to think the answer…The answer lies in just one word. And that is …





Awareness is the answer. Now you will ask me.

What are you talking suresh? The problem is so complex, So many guys getting arrested, everyone is biased and all… and you are saying that the answer lies in one word awareness? Can you tell me how by creating awareness I can stop the arrest of fellow victims? How can I change the gender biased laws? How can I change the perception of the society?

Yes, I again say that the answer is awareness. Why the police first of all register 498a without evidence? Why they arrest you after 498a without evidence, Why the magistrate pass heavy maintenance without an iota of evidence and proof. Yes we need to create awareness. First we need to identify the correct audience for creating awareness.

Politician – They matter the most!! They make laws. They amend laws. They repel the law

Government people – IAS, Babus, Clerks, Secretaries, PMO, president, chairman’s of various commission e.g. Law commission etc…. – because they tell politicians which law need amendment, which law is required, which law needs to be scrapped etc

Police – Yes, police, because they matters when false complaint is lodged to them

Judiciary – They are the guys who pass order based on emotions, sentiments, sympathy and gender but rarely based on law in matrimonial disputes.

So I talked about where to create awareness to finish legal terror but I did not tell how to create awareness? We need to use following means and avenues to create awareness.

Media – They are powerful. They publish anything and everything because they need news. If we can give them authentic news backed up with data then they will definitely publish it.

Internet – This is era of internet. We can reach out to billions of people using this medium.

Dharna – Has instant effect. Telangana !! We all know!! It took just 8 days for KCR to bend the powerful Central Government.

Seminar – Need to invite the people who matters and give presentation.

Lecture/Workshop – For motivating the victims, to turn them into warrior and commando from victims.

Pamphlets distribution – To change the perception of the society

Candle light march –  We all know Rizwaan case in Calcutta. Has good effect.

Marathon rally –Every metro cities will have such rallies from time to time. Participating in such rallies with our placards/banner will increase our visibility and our message reaches to large local crowd immediately. Mumbai team has done this.

PILs – To communicate the judiciary that there is an issue concerning large number of citizens and to get some relief.

Petitions/RTI campaign – We know that government acknowledges an issue only if large numbers of petition reach them. Send petitions regarding gender biased laws, proposed molestation laws, proposed sexual harassment laws etc. Use RTI to get data to expose NCW and women organizations.

SMS/Email campaign:  To mobilize the people

Fax/Telegram: Reaches our message to the government instantly to mark protes.

Blogs: Best way to express yourself in no time. You dont need to wesite to convey your message to the internet community. It takes just 2 minute to start a blog.

There can be many more such mediums to create awareness. There can always be argument which mode can have more effect. But eventually you need to use all of them. If just Air Force was enough in a war then by this time USA would have captured most of the courtiers. To win a war you need Air Force, land unit and navy…Similarly we also need to have attack from multiple angles. We at Family Harmony Society are using various means and methods to create awareness to fight legal terror within our limited resourse. We have made small teams based on their interest and conviction and assigned tasks for execution. But the challenge is same which SIF is facing from many years.




To motivate the guys

To encourage them

To challenge them

If I ask for volunteer help then people say they are very busy but if they have a question or doubt or need clarification then they want the immediate answer on phone. No wonder these bitches are sitting on our head, laughing at us and walking away with hefty maintenance and relief

A thought of Family Harmony Society





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  2. I am going to the legislater to share this story and to ask for a review of our curreb=nt laws related to orders of protection ect any suggestions

    Comment by roberttkennedy — January 29, 2010 @ 2:17 am | Reply

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