December 29, 2009

Ruchika incident and media activism

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It is heartening to see that there is a large cry from society to punish the former DGP. The media both print and TV channels are competing with each other to show this on their prime time and asking for bis punishment for this guy. Well well…. Any one opposing this? I don’t think there is a single voice. But at the same time it is sad to note that media is only high lighting the high profile cases. They don’t have time to think and telecast what went wrong? What can be done to stop such events? Has any body thought on these issues?

The judiciary must be fast enough to dispose the cases. It takes years before a case is charge sheeted. It takes again years before it comes for evidence stage and again years for cross examination and again years before judgement is pronounced. So what is the answer? More courts, more judges? Will that solve the issue? To certain extent yes but overall the system needs overhauling. We have a justice system in place which we inherited from British people who made this to suit their requirements and we are just continuing this ……. If we double the number of courts then it will solve the problem temporarily but after few years we will be back to square one. We need an efficient system. Apart from Supreme Court and few High courts no courts are using Information Technology.

What else can be done? Police reforms. We have the police who are not fit enough to nor catch a thief nor fight with terrorist. They do shabby investigation. Mostly motivated by how much they will benefit in the case. Right from registering a case till filing charge sheet in the court they need bribe. It is the same police who are responsible for investigation; maintain law & order, special duty, VIP security, passport verification….!!!

An effective Human Right Organisation; In the current environment people are scared to enter a police station, because every one know they use third degree and our Human right organisations… We know what they are doing. If we complain against a police inspector to SHRC/NHRC they send the same complain for enquiry to the same police station. It is like if a person has raped and girl gives a complaint to police then the police appoints the same rapist as the enquiry officer !!

No one has time to think on issues and their solutions. Every one is happy to hang SPS Rathore and move on in the life till another Ruchika incident happens. Long live Indian society.

P Suresh

President, Family Harmony Society, Bangalore



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