December 1, 2009

Women claim Domestic Violence when Men suffer from Domestic Violence Act!!!

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Women from all over the country claim to be suffering from various kinds of Domestic Violence. The National Commission of Women which has been claiming to protect the women from Domestic Violence. They were instrumental in bringing up a law to protect the women from the Domestic Violence. They bought a law formulated and parliament gave approval and thus the Protection for Women under Domestic Violence Act was born in 2006.

Unfortunately this Act has done more bad than good.

First of all the process of formulating this Act itself was done in a very haphazard manner. The bureaucracy which formulated this Act have not produced any data supporting the claims of Domestic Violence, except for few rona-dhonas in movies, media hype of dowry deaths, dowry harassments, etc.

Second, the congress party which was then in power had pushed to bring this Act in to force in a hurry without verifying whether our society really need such a law or not, whether all the reliefs that this Act provides to the women will be used or misused. Some thoughtful MPs did objected to this Act as this can easily be misused. Still, they went ahead to bring this Act without proper debate due to political pressures from opposition and leftists.

Third, the Corruption. There are some sections of our society who are basically corrupt in nature. They do anything & everything to satisfy their greed and ego. Two of those specific categories of corrupted people in our society are some of the complainant wives and their advocates who misuse this Act. The wives who are corrupted up by Greed, Ego, Grudges, Adultery are filing cases under this Act against their husbands and in-laws. Some of the unethical advocates, who want to become rich using short-cuts, are helping these women to Misuse this Domestic Violence Act.

Fourth, the implementation of this Act has left a very bad taste of the judicial system. The Magistrates who were given the authority to preside over the cases under this Act think that they are supernatural beings who got power to protect every woman on earth as if they are their sisters. Again these people were also influenced because of bollywood style rona-dhonas and media. This act has become like a coconut in the hands of a monkey, it doesn’t know how to handle this tool. They pass such mindless and stupid orders in a hurry to save the complainant women without applying their minds. Of course we cannot blame them entirely because we all know already that the judicial system is in any ways rotten, magistrates are nothing more than a clerical people, of course they are under the pressure from various radical women organizations with NCW at the top. NCW has gone a step ahead and started propaganda about this Act in news papers and TV commercials only to make the innocent men suffer and break the marriages irretrievably.

On one side these corrupted women and their advocates are walking away happily with good booty but on the other side the softer husbands are suffering running around the courts, staying away from their own houses as courts ask them to vacate to accommodate the corrupt women, paying hefty, abnormal and unreasonable maintenance amounts, unable to use their bank accounts including their salary accounts, unable to use their properties  and getting stamped as a drug-addict, drunkard, sex-abuser, etc., etc., what not. In most cases this case under Domestic Violence Act follows immediately after a complainant under IPC 498A.

The men who are suffering under these cases are ending up filing divorce cases as these sorts of women will not allow them to live in peace. Husbands have no other option but to go for divorces to reclaim their lives.

But, these intelligent women make all sorts of allegations on the husband from verbal abuse to life threat in these cases. The same women go to Family courts where the husband would have applied for divorce and claim that their husbands are good and that they love their husbands in order to more frustrate their husbands. Strange Law!!! The judges support these kinds of women. The law is totally biased to women.

On Sunday 22nd Nov, the Times of India, Bangalore, has published a half-page article claiming that Domestic Violence exists especially in the economically upper class or upper-middle class of our society. Some advocates have mentioned the same in that article again without support of any data. Obviously this makes sense as men from these sections of the society are well-off and it is easy for their wives and luring for their advocates to squeeze these men for monies using this new tool.

There is hardly any case under this Act which is true & genuine. All the cases are driven by Greed, Ego, Grudges, Adultery. This Act is being misused similar to the way the other women centric laws like IPC 498A was being misused since ages.

Time has come for Men to raise their voice, fight back to stop this misuse instead of silently suffering from this draconian Domestic Violence Act.



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